It’s decided: you go solo this year, the better to see you and meet new people. But with the natural apprehension of any woman traveling alone. The blogger and traveler Aude Mermilliod gives us his advice from serene.

This summer, your buddies go to the house of Cap Ferret they rent for four years. A little tired of endless jokes of Jean-François and salads “100% veggie” Christine, you decided to go its own way. A most exciting project motivates you: the trip alone. A thousand reasons you grow there: discover new horizons, new people, and especially during this adventure will test the personal challenge tunes. But no sooner have you announced your project all your relatives look at you with wide eyes. ” All alone? You’ll be an easy target, “” It’s sad to leave alone “,” You’re not going to bore you? “… To dramatize and go against all accepted ideas, Aude Mermilliod, the author of the blog The girl travel, gives us the precious commandments of the solo traveler.

Be a chameleon

Learn about the country we are about to visit is common sense. Especially if one is a woman. “If there is a danger, it is due to the status of women and is found everywhere, in different degrees. A solo traveler will not have to think about his safety more than usual if she traveled to Canada or the Nordic countries. She will learn about gender situation if it be shared in some countries in Latin America, Africa or India.

No country is forbidden to women. However, there is a decorum rule that the tourist must respect: adapting to the culture and environment of the country that we visit. In some countries, this means including a woman should make more efforts to adapt, pay attention to hours of nightlife in its clothing. Again, this is a matter of common sense to arrive in a short skirt and stilettos will not enter Iran. In Sri Lanka, women rarely go out alone at night. In Jordan, also avoids having bare shoulders. Just like micro-shorts denim in the Old City of Jerusalem. Your best indicator? “Other travelers and local women. They are best placed to advise against this or that neighborhood.

Sharpen your resourcefulness

You embark on a holiday of a different kind. No more GPS Gildas nor multilingual Stephanie at hand. But what a great adventure on her own! “We are constantly connected to yourself. We must make choices, weigh the pros and cons of a situation, be alert in some circumstances. “Is what I am trying to make me rip?Is what I am in the right direction? What the driver trying to tell me? Says Aude, which itself is benefiting in this way to travel. For me, the journey is much more than the holiday. This is to excel, find his rhythm.

If the experiment may seem tedious, it will give you the opportunity to feel grow wings. “It becomes a Superwoman, I can not say otherwise. I see that the solitary travelers are focused on themselves, listening to them. They feed a thousand experiences that belong to them. During their journey, they are surprised to see everything they are able to accomplish. “Aude, she has mostly come to realize that” the world is much less frightening than what we are suggesting. “

Tame loneliness

” All alone? “While you sip your Cuban mojito staring into the void, the phrase your mother resounds repeatedly. Why did you leave at the end of the world to live a selfish little experience, without sharing anything, so everything has less relief when your friends are not on your side? Sip a little longer. After the first few days, you will discover and enjoy the solitude that allows you to experience things for yourself. “It tames this solitude and a friend were in fact”, says Aude, who learned to love eating alone, read in tranquility, watch the passersby, allowing to be more permeable meetings.

“Loneliness is only temporary. If you want to meet people, you can. “Prime vector sociability housing. In the hostel in CouchSurfing, on Airbnb … opportunities to meet people await you. “The hosts are eager to know the travelers and help. This is a great way to discover a city of the interior, with an authentic perspective. Airbnb also organizes meetings between users. If you can, read the free newspapers with the list of small theater performances, concerts, exhibitions and Spanish courses ads, dance, food … “

 Learn to say “no”

You can not anticipate what might happen to you. Who will tell you that this beautiful Australian is trustworthy to visit the night market in Bangkok? No one. “We can not trust 100% to unknown. It’s the same everywhere.Some speak of the reptilian brain, others instinctively. The trip solo forces us to listen to that little voice in our head that tells us not to take this street, staying home as night, etc. “You can not avoid all risks, but you still have options. He entered a shop ask for help, screaming in the street or to join another group of people if you feel insecure. You have the right to say “no” to lie on the grounds already have an evening or be already married. When traveling alone, make your way, no one will blame you

Traveling very light

You know that you can not serve you in the trunk of your friend Geraldine this year. You plan to take all your dressing to seduce handsome strangers. Error ! Go light! Two T-shirts with short sleeves, two long-sleeved underwear for a week. Better to spend a few rooms to laundry at the hotel that breaking your back with 15 kilos of luggage for two weeks. “Take the clothes that you hold the least because, believe me, you will buy it.And you will not want to buy the second bag, or choose between the pretty Thai tunic and your favorite T-shirt, donated by a friend. “Take clothes about to fall by the wayside”

you also take a moisturizer, mascara, pencil, lipstick and nail polish two and the best backpacking stove for your cooking. “Most of the time I do not even use them. You will be less demanding than home and vacation give naturally good looks. The tour pace makes the most athletic body and pushes for a return of the natural. “

Stay connected

WiFi works almost everywhere: do not zap practical applications. Aude particularly recommends iGoogle, which includes Google Maps, Google Translate, a currency converter and weather forecasts.

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