In aircraft, before attacking a steep descent on a roller coaster or through a child: all means are good to turn a “simple” marriage proposal into a magical moment. Some examples for those who are stuck for inspiration.

The marriage proposal is a moment as important as the ceremony itself. It marks the commitment of the couple. Often imagined, it is sometimes worthy of a true movie script. Here is a small selection of original applications.

In the air

Ryan Thompson is a pilot. It is in a small two-seater he decided to ask his girlfriend to marry Carlie. So it simulates a technical problem, Ryan asks Carlie to read the instructions that the emergency procedure is explained. During his reading, the young woman realizes that he is a much happier proposition.

On a roller coaster

As they prepare to dive for a dizzying descent into a riding sensation, Austin brings his request subtly reminding his future wife that she had once compared life and its vagaries roller coaster with its ups, downs, turns her … “I wanted to know if you wanted to be my partner rollercoaster. Alli, will you marry me?

The picnic with family

During a family outing, the father asked his son 5 years to give a gift to his girlfriend. The son, in confidence, expected that the young woman had opened the package and found the ring and asked, “Do you want to marry my daddy?

The method Love Actually

Timothy had the idea to ask the hand of his girlfriend Audrey, using panels and memes, these photos with funny short sentences and found all over the Internet. At the table in a restaurant with his friends in Kuala Lumpur, Audrey reads the panels through the glass of the brewery …

In an aquarium

Dave asked divers National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, UK, to help make it more romantic request. In the full presentation of the aquarium, the guide asks his girlfriend Nicola to come before the crowd and turn your back to the aquarium. She is joined moments later by her boyfriend. Two divers appear with a banner on which is written: “Nicola, will you marry me?

And You? How do you think your best marriage proposal? Share it with me and our reader^^