With the arrival of summer, it’s time to leave the gym and go romp outdoors! Yoga, slackline, Swedish gym training or urban, there’s something for everyone! What activities practicing outdoors to enjoy the weather? Here are some tips.

The “slackline” for aspiring acrobats


Slacklining practiced a decade ago by Californian surfers in search of waves, the activity is to walk like a tightrope walker on a slightly elastic webbing stretched between two fixed points located between 40 and 60 cm from the ground. If professionals tend webbing between their two buildings, we begin by engaging in this activity in a park or in the woods!

Work is what? Its balance, of course, but also its deep muscles. Ensure not to fall requires gainer his body and his muscles abdominals. It also sharpens its flexibility and self-control.By fixing a point on the horizon is taken to stay balanced. We do not give up and start again each mini-fall.
We advise you: to have more than one hour before you to succeed at least once to stand. To have more than one hour that can help you climb the strap.

The Swedish gym for fans of rhythm


The concept? It connects simple movements to music. So, we will vigorously expense but without getting hurt. The exercises are designed by physiotherapists and osteopaths. The activity is open to all: your pregnant friend to you, the last exercise classes back in college, or your children, who need to vent other than on the living room couch. From mid-May, several outdoor courses will be organized throughout France.

Work is what? The cardio and muscle building. We also revise our music classics for weddings this summer.
We advise you: do not take the activity at face value and not to bring a best of ABBA.

The ultimate frisbee years to relive your


Your last session frisbee back in high school? Bookez a sunny Sunday with your friends and find yourself in a park. No, the game is not practiced in summer on a beach of Cap Ferret. Choose a large lawn and form a team of seven players.

Work is what? Cardio. Multiplying sprints to go retrieve the frisbee, the method is used “split”. And who says fractionated said intensity, which helps burn more fatter. Responsiveness is tested and ensures good laughs among friends.
We advise you: to love running. A Frisbee flies up and away.

The “urban training” for street warriors

Aside from running sneakers, sports privateer, and a breathable t-shirt, you do not need anything! It’s simple, with the urban training, one uses all one crosses the street. Program: mounted knees in the escalators, pumps on park benches, lampposts and slaloms between. It changes the monotonous running in the neighborhood of the park and it’s cheaper than a room in subscription! Most large cities offer sessions organized either by the municipality or by a sports club. You can practice alone, with a minimum heating of a quarter hour to avoid injury.

Work is what? Cardio, strength training, and sheathing.
We advise you: keep your eyes wide open. You’re never safe from a misplaced post …

Nordic walking for hikers


The activity comes from Finland in the 1930s, cross-country skiers continued to train in summer walking with sticks. Close to hiking, Nordic walking is more dynamic. With two sticks, it propels the body forward to walk faster and longer.Emptying his mind, we take a breath of fresh air and (re) discover the landscapes that surround us.

Work is what? By alternating climbs and descents, working endurance and activates his cardio. The upper body is also asked: abdominals, pectorals, shoulders and neck. But as the glutes, thighs and calves.
We advise you: to master the art of pole plant.

Badminton for nerve


Your last bad game ‘certainly goes back to your sports or college courses in high school. Enjoy the weather to get you back to a sport more fun. What better way for a sunny weekend than go out rackets and shuttlecocks with his friend (s)?

Work is what? Responsiveness to return the steering wheel to the opponent, abs and shoulders.
We advise you: to concentrate on the steering wheel to avoid the risk of miss it. And ridicule you.

Yoga for connection with Nature


No more sweating on four walls! Treat yourself to an outdoor sitting to enjoy the surrounding noises, sunny mornings and cool grass under your feet. Guaranteed soothing effect.

Work is what? The flexibility, balance, joints, and management of daily stress.
We advise you: be careful where you place your floor mats.

Tai chi for stressed


Tai chi, often practiced outdoors, makes us aware of his body and relax.

Derived from Chinese martial arts, tai chi offers a set of continuous slow movements executed with precision and in a predetermined order. Often practiced in the forest or in parks, tai chi sometimes closer to dance and makes us aware of his body and relax.

Work is what? The flexibility, stress management.
We advise you: to get away from your neighbor to avoid the blows.

Skating for speed dating


The day was difficult. Outside, the sun continues to shine and makes you the eye. Strap on your skates and go roam the streets in groups! Nothing like a little speed and free air to blow after a tiring day or just to enjoy the weather. Some large cities of France offer group courses: the streets are closed to traffic leaving the field open to rollerbladers crazy.

Work is what? The thighs, glutes and our sense of direction.
We advise you: to have a minimum balance to avoid to drop each of your partners in domino fashion.

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Kayking for your healthy


Kayaking and fishing (read more about best fishing kayak here) can improve your aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. The health benefits of kayaking include:

Stress Reduction 

Kayaking can help reduce stress levels, giving you the opportunity to get outdoors, experience nature and fresh air. Spending your few hours under blue sky, on calm water and try to breath the fresh air, or thrilling adventure with whitewater kayaking are enjoyable.

Weight loss 

Kayaking can burn up to 400 calories per hour or more, depending on how fast you paddle. Add this exercise to a diet and well-balanced weight loss is sure to follow.

Build muscle strength 

Your arms, chest, abdominal muscles, and shoulders will stay with the kayak strength training.

Flexibility gain 

Kayak involves flexibility of the body. Your muscles will gain from aerobic exercise kayaking offers and remain flexible.


Although kayaking is often considered an individual sport, many choose to kayak with friends and family as it offers great opportunities for socializing in a relaxed atmosphere.

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