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Safety tips for children in the water


We’re almost into the summer, the most desirable season, especially by children. With it, the sea and the pool. And the closer we get this time of year, most appear questions about the care and safety involving water and small. One of the biggest safety concerns is regarding the use of buoys. What better and safer model to use, taking into account the child’s age, EVER !!!

First I will talk about the safety tips:

1) The pool area should be surrounded by a protective grid at least 1.20 meters tall, being locked by automatic gates (so that the child can not unlock this door security);

2) When not in use the pool has to be covered with a material resistant structure that is capable of supporting a weight of at least 120 kilograms, not to yield.

3) The floor around the pool has to be anti-slip to prevent falls and slips;

4) plastic pools, household when not in use should be stored without water. Attention because an accumulation of 30 cm of water is enough to drown a child;

5) If the child is under 4 years, you have to always have an adult around her, preferably in the water, or very near, the arms reach. This adult must be lucid, can not be drunk, and have to be totally dedicated to take care of that child;

6) It is important that the pool has a qualified adult for first aid care;

7) Use of pool maintenance and cleaning machinery should be switched off while the children are in the water;

8) On the use of safety equipment: For a child under four years, it should always be wearing a life jacket (you can find best life jackets from here) of appropriate size lives. ┬áIn this case the vest is better than float arms, because for them, the arm buoy can be easily removed by children. They recommended that children under 4 years using the vest, even if they already have some notion of swimming. They say to never use the buoys “type tire” because they do not guarantee the buoyancy and can slip the child’s body.