Choosing Arrows For Compound Bows Guide

Choosing Arrows For Compound Bows Guide

The subject of picking bolts for a cutting edge compound bow is limitless, to the point where it will make any tenderfoot toxophilite’s head turn. This is the reason I have arranged the accompanying aide for you. You can read more for choosing the best compound bow. While it is in no way, shape or form comprehensive, and I could presumably compose a short book on bolt determination, I would prefer not to weight you with this. I essentially need to show you how to make a speedy, instructed choice that will give you a chance to begin with shooting your compound bow as fast as would be prudent, without investing weeks looking into the subject and considering up on material science.

1: Determine Your Draw Length

draw length

On the off chance that you don’t claim a compound bow nor have entry to one, you’ll have to take after the draw length figuring strategy laid out in this article. This approach is shockingly precise and once in a while conveys mistaken outcomes. The option is to visit bows and arrows master shop in your general vicinity and have them measure draw length for you, however I comprehend this is unrealistic for everybody.

2: Choose Arrow Length

arrow length

With more seasoned compound bows, picking the best possible length of your bolts was a to some degree convoluted process. Because of advances in innovation and enhancements in plan, things have turned out to be much less demanding. You basic take your draw length and add 0.5″ up to a most extreme 1″ to decide suitable bolt length. So if your draw length is 28″, you ought to get bolts with a greatest length of 29″.

What this will do is give you a bolt that will be sufficiently long to clear the front-most part of the bolt retire. Remember that the length of a bolt is measured from the most profound part of the nock notch, to the finish of the pole. It does exclude the length of your field focuses or wide heads.

3: Choosing Arrow Weight

arrow weight

The heaviness of your bolts will fluctuate contingent upon your targets:

On the off chance that you need to target rehearse, you need the bolt to say something absolute (shaft, vanes, embed, nock and field point consolidated) around 5 to 6 grain for every pound of draw weight. So if your bow has 60 lbs. of draw, you need to utilize bolts that say something complete in the vicinity of 300 and 360 grain.

On the off chance that you need to chase, you need a bolt with an aggregate weight of in the vicinity of 6 and 8 grain for each pound of draw weight. So again on account of a 60 lbs. draw compound bow, this would mean a bolt weight of in the vicinity of 360 and 480 grain.

The qualities above are not an unavoidable reality, be that as it may. The main thing you can totally NEVER do is utilize a bolt that weighs under 5 grain for each pound of draw weight, as this will seriously harm your bow void your producer guarantee.

You presumably saw that bolts utilized for target practice are lighter than those utilized for chasing. The explanation behind this is lighter bolts go in a straighter line and subsequently are simpler to shoot in tight gatherings, while heavier bolts travel to some degree less straight yet convey more motor vitality for better tissue infiltration.

In actuality, however, the length of your bolts weigh anyplace in the vicinity of 5 and 8 grain, you’ll have achievement utilizing them for both chasing and target rehearse purposes. So on the off chance that you can’t discover bolts that meet the correct criteria illustrated above, simply go for any in the 5 to 8-grain run.

Shouldn’t something be said about The Spine of an Arrow?

Bolt spine is an essential attribute to consider while picking bolts for a compound bow. There are a couple reasons why I have not talked about this, be that as it may:

Finding out about bolt spine requires some investment, and you will require a not too bad measure of practice before you decide the ideal spine for your shooting style and procedure.

Diverse bolt producers utilize distinctive qualities while demonstrating the spine of their bolts, which confounds tenderfoots fundamentally.

spine of arrow

At the point when buying bolts on the web, makers frequently don’t specify the spine of the bolts. Rather, they give a limit, for example, “appropriate for bows with up to 55 lbs. draw weight” or “for bows up to 70 lbs. draw weight” and so on.

Accordingly, particularly in the event that you are purchasing over the web, don’t stress over spine at this moment. Simply go for bolts that are publicized as being appropriate for bows that meet yours in draw weigh. Following a couple of months of shooting and once you’ve turned out to be better familiar with your compound, you can dig in more profound into the universe of bolt spine and get some additional, better bolts.

I find that numerous fledglings get extremely confounded attempting to decide the ideal spine and wind up getting to be distinctly incapacitated due to over-investigation. The outcome is sitting tight for a considerable length of time before they at long last make their buy. Also, even after all that exploration, they are more than prone to need to experiment with an alternate bolt spine at any rate.

In the event that you demand in any case, here is an incredible bolt spine diagram for you to counsel.

spine diagram

As usual, ideally you’ve taken in some things here. As specified before, this guide is not proposed to be an extreme guide on bolt choice – prepared toxophilite won’t learn anything new here. The motivation behind this article is to help you begin on the right street towards learning and getting a charge out of the wonderful game of bow shooting through hands-on understanding, instead of investing months examining up on the hypothesis and still wind up buying bolts that aren’t 100% great. Keep in mind: there are no flawless bolts; there are just bolts that are ideal for YOU. To realize what’s ideal for you however, you need to begin shooting.

Much obliged for perusing! On the off chance that you have questions, generously abandon them in the remarks segment beneath. See you around!

In this site, you can find all information you are or will looking for the all the information you need to figure out what you need. Here, you can find the knowledge about hunting and hunting equipments. You all know that there are a lot of different hunting style and kind of objects, and each of them has different methods to work with and help you to have a successful hunting trip.


The benefits of playing an instrument … so amazing !!!

The benefits of playing an instrument so amazing

What are the benefits of playing an instrument?

The benefits of playing an instrument so amazing

Practicing regularly improving language skills, memory, behavior or spatial intelligence…

During the last decade, it has been widespread research professionals for the study of brain plasticity musicians.

The reason seems clear: to achieve high speed in the fingers, a musician needs a great mental workout.

A study several years ago concluded that a good pianist or violinist could reach 7,500 practice hours before their 18th birthday.

The work produced by this group seem to verify the benefits experienced by brain physiology when you learn to play an instrument.

Jäncke Lutz, Professor Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland), has collected most of the studies on the website “Faculty of 1000”, where more than 2,000 leading scientists say about the primary scientific research.

Improve intelligence

Jäncke proposes music as neuropsychological therapy as it enhances undoubtedly language skills, memory, behavior or spatial intelligence (ability to perceive the world in detail and form mental images of objects).

The latter is essential for thoughts of everyday life, from solving complex mathematical problems to wrap the daily lunch.

A study conducted with children aged six, who were taught to play an instrument for 15 consecutive months, showed that at the end of musical training, all children experienced changes in their brain anatomy.

The music used to process areas were larger and more active.

He recently published in the journal “Journal of Neuroscience” is the first study done on this subject.

The affected regions begin to change, even a few months to start musical training.

Another Canadian research from McMaster University, developed in 2006, noted that the changes would begin to detect from four months of teaching.

Music therapy

The brain regions involved in music processing are also needed for other tasks, such as memory or skills language.’

Therefore, “if the music has a strong influence on the brain plasticity, it is possible that the same effect can be used to improve cognitive performance,” says Jäncke.

For this reason, it proposes to learn to play an instrument as neurocognitive therapy. One of the most important studies in this regard was made by Teppo Sarkamo, a neurologist at the University of Helsinki in 2008.

In it, he tried to examine whether normal music is listening increased the chances of recovering neurocognitive function and mood after stroke (stroke).

The results showed a significant improvement in the recovery of verbal memory and attention span.

There was also a substantial improvement in mood. According to Jäncke, music can be used as a noninvasive tool for neurological therapies. Musical training also could improve reading and writing skills, more if used with dyslexic children.

All advantages

Besides physiological benefits cited the practice of playing enhances the mood of children and their relationship with others. Carolyn Phillips, executive director of the Norwalk Youth Symphony, is the author of “Twelve Benefits of Music Education,” which lists the overall benefits of music.

In the individual field, play an instrument becomes the one who does in a regular person who cares the details (otherwise, it does not sound right), plan tasks well and has much attention span.

This behavior can be transferred to the student’s work, whose quality and results is required.

Music is a means of expression, and a result is a good self-esteem.

Teaches young people to overcome fear and take risks provides security and confidence.

If part of an orchestra or group is formed, the practice improves teamwork (to achieve a single goal) and discipline: for a band sound good, the whole must work in harmony.

Favors the commitment to learn, attend rehearsals and practice at home.

My first music instrument

Children go through a period in which the melody and noise are the same: a simple sound effect.

In this tutorial, any percussion instrument is your favorite, and any element is capable of being a drum.

The psychologist Jean Piaget says that at this time the child is an object of curiosity to discover.

But there comes a time when the child if he shows interest in music, want to go further.

The best age to start in the music studio, with an instrument “real” is from five years.

The best instrument that you need to start with is a guitar best acoustic guitar

However, parents are not recommended to impose this learning and are advised to be the child himself who choose the instrument you want to learn to play, although the piano and the flute are the two least require children of this age.

If you decide to hire a teacher, it is essential that it have previous experience with very young children, since learning differs from adults.

The most appropriate education at these ages advantage imagination and spontaneity of the child, rather than imposing a closed discipline so that classes become a gaming session with music and movement, not a necessary task.

Below are the links if you want to find a good guitar to start with:


Safety tips for children in the water


We’re almost into the summer, the most desirable season, especially by children. With it, the sea and the pool. And the closer we get this time of year, most appear questions about the care and safety involving water and small. One of the biggest safety concerns is regarding the use of buoys. What better and safer model to use, taking into account the child’s age, EVER !!!

First I will talk about the safety tips:

1) The pool area should be surrounded by a protective grid at least 1.20 meters tall, being locked by automatic gates (so that the child can not unlock this door security);

2) When not in use the pool has to be covered with a material resistant structure that is capable of supporting a weight of at least 120 kilograms, not to yield.

3) The floor around the pool has to be anti-slip to prevent falls and slips;

4) plastic pools, household when not in use should be stored without water. Attention because an accumulation of 30 cm of water is enough to drown a child;

5) If the child is under 4 years, you have to always have an adult around her, preferably in the water, or very near, the arms reach. This adult must be lucid, can not be drunk, and have to be totally dedicated to take care of that child;

6) It is important that the pool has a qualified adult for first aid care;

7) Use of pool maintenance and cleaning machinery should be switched off while the children are in the water;

8) On the use of safety equipment: For a child under four years, it should always be wearing a life jacket (you can find best life jackets from here) of appropriate size lives.  In this case the vest is better than float arms, because for them, the arm buoy can be easily removed by children. They recommended that children under 4 years using the vest, even if they already have some notion of swimming. They say to never use the buoys “type tire” because they do not guarantee the buoyancy and can slip the child’s body.


Why Above Ground Swimming Pools Are The Best Choice For First Time?

Why Above Ground Swimming Pools Are The Best Choice For First Time

Everybody likes having a swimming pool in their homes, but it all comes down to the space of your house. Having a swimming pool is an investment that is going to give you the desired return. A swimming pool will not just provide you with an endless fun and entertainment, but it is going to help you beat the heat in the best way. As we all know that the parties and gatherings are quite expensive, but with the inclusion of an in-house swimming pool, you can get all that fun in an inexpensive way.

When it comes to swimming season, you don’t have to wait long, as you can have great fun at home by installing an above ground swimming pool. There is no need to waste your time at the beach when you can have ten times more fun at home. All you need to make sure is that you choose the best above ground pool. There are several brands that manufacture above ground swimming pools, so take your time before making a final decision, since you are buying it for the first time.

Some of the vital things that make us decide against building our own swimming pool at home would be issues related to the expenses. The price of a swimming pool can be a big to the normal homeowner. Spending extra cash for a building grant can impede us as we would rather burn through cash on our essential necessities rather than things some would consider superfluous luxuries. Also, the expense to keep up and repair such installations would also eat up a significant amount of money.

Above ground pools are ideal for people with a limited budget

If there are some money constraints, you might need to check above ground swimming pool packs in online stores or at the local swimming pool stores. You will find that an above ground swimming pool unit is less expensive than in-ground pools while keeping up the same quality and toughness that you are searching for. Materials can be made of substantial obligation steel, aluminium or saps. Above ground pools offer a wide assortment of shapes and sizes that will suit your requirements.

What makes them less expensive is that there is no requirement for exhuming following above ground swimming pool packs are set up on level ground. In-ground pools are constructed by authorized contractual workers while above ground pool packs can be gathered by gifted do-it-without anyone’s help property holders. In some situation you might require assistance from authorized contractors, yet as a rule, an above ground pool pack doesn’t require work escalated work.

Above ground pools are easy to move

Above ground swimming pool units are stuffed in boxes. These can be moved and amassed inside of constrained spaces. In contrast to the in-ground pools that need more get into space for unearthing and hardware, an above ground pool unit don’t require exhuming or any substantial gear amid establishment. Indeed, even in restricted spaces, there are above ground units that will fit and can be introduced effortlessly as they don’t take such a great amount of room to work with.

What are the advantages of having an above ground swimming pool?

There are many advantages of having a swimming pool at home, whether in-ground swimming pools or above ground swimming pools. If you want to have a permanent in-ground swimming pool, then it can surely add an aesthetic appeal to your house, but if you have to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the pool. Since an above ground pool is not a permanent fixture, you can move it from place to another quite easily. You just have to dissemble it, put it in the box and assemble it again. This particular feature provides a lot of convenience to the homeowners and protects their investment as well. Moreover, it is a lot easier to repair leaks in the above ground swimming pools. You can use replacement liners if the leakage is bigger. So, you should choose an above ground swimming pool, as they are easy to install and manage. You can buy one of the best swimming pool for your house to experience ultimate fun.


Air travel tips – Rules on cabin baggage and suitcases


What size or maximum permissible weight of my luggage in my cabin and hold baggage when I travel by plane?


They ask all questions to each new trip. The rules frequently change and are different depending on the airline. To find one, I gathered in this article my experiences and researches on strict baggage policies.

To be clear, this is how the article is structured:

  • 01. General Rules of Usage on luggage during transport by air.
  • 02. Strictly prohibited in aircraft objects.
  • 03. Rules and advice concerning hand luggage, that we keep with you on the plane.

And as you travel involves bringing with it a travel first aid kit, visit my dedicated section: What drugs in your medical kit on a tripLet me guide you, I told you ;);)

01. General Rules of Usage by plane


There are 2 types of luggage: the luggage and the baggage.

In general, applying the stricter rules, know that each passenger is entitled to a 1 piece in 20kg Payload (extra times) and a cabin baggage of less than 10 kg with dimensions not exceeding 56 cm 25cm x 45cm x inclusive. On the practical side, have you ever weigh your empty suitcase? Suitcases sometimes weigh a ton and it forces you to limit the business you want to carry with you. This is a crucial element to consider when buying a new suitcase.

Bags-to-back are allowed by plane and suffer the same rules as suitcases. Be aware that some companies give you large plastic bags to protect your bag-to-back for travel in the hold. We had the pleasant surprise during our trip to Brazil or on my last trip to Southeast Asia. In all cases, be sure to close your bag with small padlocks and securely tighten the straps and straps bag- to-back.

Note first of all that the policy of hand luggage and suitcases in the hold still depends on the airline you chose to make your flight. We strongly advise you to check the details of their political baggage by consulting their website because changes are common.

02. Objects strictly prohibited even in the hold


The list of objects strictly forbidden on an airplane is valid for all airlines worldwide.When we confess that the same checks are not stringent regarding lighters and matches.

  • Matches, lighters and fuels. Flammable liquids like fuel, thinners, solvent, acetone.
  • D’artifices lights, firecrackers, sparklers, flares, imitation pistols, firelighters, tear gas.
  • Camp stoves, gas cylinders, oxygen scuba tanks.
  • Paint, varnish, lacquer.
  • Toxic materials, infectious substances, radioactive materials.
  • Chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, cleaners, bleach, chlorine, lye.
  • Mercury thermometers, barometers.

03. Rules and advice on baggage

  • Any liquid (bottle, cosmetic or aerosol) should be in a container of less than 100 ml which must be present in a closed transparent plastic cover whose maximum dimensions are 20 x 20 cm. The plastic bags for freezing are perfect for that! Exceptions made for this measure: baby food, medicines accompanied by a prescription and products sold at airport shops after the security checks in the quantities accepted air shopping.
  • With the increase of taxes on hold baggage practiced by many airlines, remember to arrange to only travel with one bag in the cabin. It saves time and money. Another advantage, then we can not arrive for boarding 30 minutes before departure. Finally, to avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises at the airport, weigh your luggage on the scales before departure. GOOD!
  • Remember that only your luggage is likely to be weighed at the airport and you do not ;) So if you are traveling with cabin baggage and want to “save a few kilos“, put the heavier clothes (jeans, jackets) and consider filling your pockets!



What drugs in your medical kit on a trip?


Since the time I travel around the world, I always wanted to give my advice to prepare your travel first aid kit. The holiday first aid kit must be above all a first aid kit, a real travel survival kit. It must contain medicines, essential objects I will detail and important documents related to your health.

In short, I will tell you everything to help you stay comfortable and safe in your future travels. It is important even essential to properly prepare his travel first aid kit especially when you travel independent but also when we opt for a tour.


The names of the drugs listed in this article are given for information only. Before a trip, we advise you to contact your doctor for an update including vaccines.

Here are my tips to organize my travel pharmacy kit, and my list of essential drugs to counter the relatively common diseases or other ailments that can be contracted while traveling.

When organizing your travel pharmacy kit, here are the main points to remember:

  • Kit as compact as possible, wear-resistant and airtight.
  • You should know exactly what’s in your first aid kit and how to use it. Prepare a list of medications you take, they treat the symptoms, dosage, etc …
  • The content must be adapted to your needs, taking into account geographical considerations and planned activities.

See my list of useful links at the bottom of the article:

What you should absolutely take with you when traveling

Here are the essential elements to include in your first aid kit of voyage.

Zip bags are very useful!!!

  • Adhesive Bandages, bandages of several sizes
  • Scissors, tweezers (urchins, eg splinters)
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
  • Spray cream or antibacterial and antifungal
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Thermometer

Remember that sharp objects such as scissors, should be stored in checked baggage when traveling by airplane. You will know almost everything ;) on the size of cabin baggage and hold baggage.

Drugs-away trip

Here is a list of some drugs that we always take with us during our long journeys.

The names of the medications are given for information only! Consult your doctor to determine which drugs are best suited to you (because of allergy, the other taking treatments, etc ….)

– Make sure to bring enough medicine for your entire trip.

  • Anti-diarrheal medications: Zithromax 
  • Intestinal dressings: Smecta
  • Anti-nausea drugs, anti vomiting: Vogalène
  • Fever and Pain / Anti-inflammatory Moderate:. Analgesic (reduces pain) Dafalgan(paracetamol) / Intense: Analgesic: Ibuprofen (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory). Caution: Do not combine with anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids.
  • Stomach ache: Spasfon
  • Itching: Diprosone (topical corticosteroid) for reactions to nasty insect bites
  • Allergies: Aerius, anti allergy without fatigue effect (works well for allergy jellyfish)
  • Eye infection: 1 Azyter dose. Antibiotic if infection of the eye, conjunctivitis.
  • Broad antibacterial spectrum antibiotic (tonsillitis, skin infections, ENT infections): Pyostacine

– Keep the packaging (containing original labeled)

– When traveling by plane, keep the medicines you really need in your hand luggage in case your main luggage in the hold, is lost.

To also take with you on a trip

You can also include other elements in your travel first aid kit, depending on your destination and the nature of your trip:

  • Solar cream
  • Cream, after sun lotion: Biaphine
  • Mosquito spray
  • Earplugs / Earplugs
  • Mosquito
  • Tablets water purification
  • Condoms

Important documents related to your health

Finally, here are some important documents you need to include in a medical emergency.

  • Local emergency phone numbers (nearest hospitals for example).
  • Proof of health insurance coverage.
  • A copy of your immunization records, including a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever if required by the country you are visiting.
  • A contact card with information about you: of the accommodation on your holiday, a family member of the embassy of your country in your destination country and the emergency number your health insurance.

You never know when you might need medical care during your trip, then, prevention is better than cure. A little preparation can help you avoid wasting precious time in case of health problems or accidents while traveling. Having a well prepared medical kit you tranquiliser mind in order to make the most of your trip. In conclusion, we hope that you will not usually need your travel first aid kit.

If you think it lacks an essential element or you have a suggestion, feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.



CARCASSONNE – Walled city and the 5 best spots



The imposing fortifications of the city of Carcassonne occupy a rocky spur overlooking the course of the Aude. Occupied from the sixth century BC, Carcassonne was a Roman town before being a medieval city. It reflects 1000 years of military architecture and 2600 years of history. Ultimate defense, the Comtal castle was built in the twelfth century by the Trencavels, Viscounts of Carcassonne and was continually modified over the following centuries. A rich and varied tour is offered including many exclusive areas: walls, hoardings, projection room, lapidary museum. Guided tours by reservation, conferences, audio guides available. Free admission the first Sunday of each month.

Here are 5 best spots that you must visit:


In the heart of the medieval city of Carcassonne, the School of the Museum allows children, parents and teachers to discover the atmosphere of communal under the Third and Fourth Republics through a fun and original exhibition. This rich period of primary education is made within five rooms of the museum through the educational materials used in schools from 1880 to 1960. Difficult not to be charmed by the old projectors and the delicious possibility of write to the Gallic pen or Sergeant Major. A real return to childhood that perfectly befits a living in this hotbed of history.


Following the markup marked with a red arrow, you get into an enchanting stroll along the Aude.Taking as its starting point the Old Bridge under which we pass to win the Pont Neuf and the Pont de l’Avenir. After having passed, turn left and then left again towards the banks of the Aude, then right along the trail. Continuing along a straight line, we quietly along the river to the Pont Neuf. It then passes under the bridge through a small tunnel and you must turn right, then left to reach the Old Bridge before moving to the Hotel of the Three Crowns and reach the banks. It is good to follow them to the famous Païcherou and continue straight along the little path meandering near the Garigliano River to the bridge. Before the bridge, turn right, cross the bridge then turn right towards the Mayrevieille plain. It is possible to continue or to agree a gourmet break after this trip full of freshness.


Wonder of the Cathar history, the castle of Quéribus is a real eagle’s nest with its strategic location which allows it to monitor the entire Roussillon plain and admire the distance the Corbières. Placed on a rocky peak foggy, this vestige of the beautiful but short Cathar saga built in the eleventh century stands out as a great getaway for a day outside of Carcassonne. It enjoys a breathtaking tour where the atmosphere seems everywhere recall the mysterious story that surrounds the scene. Descending into the valley, a small village  Cucugnan is needed while nearby stands another treasure of the Cathars constructions, the castle of Peyrepertuse.


Jumble: beautiful furniture, chic clothing, cosmetics dedicated to well-being … You can find everything at Esprit de Sel, a reference address in Carcassonne. The shop is large and runs at its own pace, according to the inspiration of the day. One thing is certain: one always leaves with a find, whether it is an original object, a sublime shoe or a wacky pendulum. Is that we need to know to look to find yourself in this modern Aladdin’s cave with an uncluttered and relaxing decor. The big names in design alongside more creative confidential under the watchful eye of Jocelyn, always good advice for an unexpected madness or a souvenir of good taste. To explore imperative!


Madly in love with truffles, Philippe Barrier has dedicated a monument or at least a space entirely dedicated to his glory in the heart of Carcassonne. Here it is in all its forms comes the black diamond: truffled foie gras, mashed potatoes with truffle, panna cotta with truffle, egg casserole, and other delicious sandwiches. The friendly atmosphere provided by the master of the house said the simplicity with which he imagined together in this bar-shop the best of regional production. We sat near the impressive zinc – the sculptor-blacksmith Marc Carollo – to taste black, white truffles, winter or summer, accompanied by wines from the Cabardès, Minervois or Malepère. And we leave with a cookbook under the arm to reproduce these wonderful culinary assortments home!


Travel: 6 tips to go alone in the adventure



It’s decided: you go solo this year, the better to see you and meet new people. But with the natural apprehension of any woman traveling alone. The blogger and traveler Aude Mermilliod gives us his advice from serene.

This summer, your buddies go to the house of Cap Ferret they rent for four years. A little tired of endless jokes of Jean-François and salads “100% veggie” Christine, you decided to go its own way. A most exciting project motivates you: the trip alone. A thousand reasons you grow there: discover new horizons, new people, and especially during this adventure will test the personal challenge tunes. But no sooner have you announced your project all your relatives look at you with wide eyes. ” All alone? You’ll be an easy target, “” It’s sad to leave alone “,” You’re not going to bore you? “… To dramatize and go against all accepted ideas, Aude Mermilliod, the author of the blog The girl travel, gives us the precious commandments of the solo traveler.

Be a chameleon

Learn about the country we are about to visit is common sense. Especially if one is a woman. “If there is a danger, it is due to the status of women and is found everywhere, in different degrees. A solo traveler will not have to think about his safety more than usual if she traveled to Canada or the Nordic countries. She will learn about gender situation if it be shared in some countries in Latin America, Africa or India.

No country is forbidden to women. However, there is a decorum rule that the tourist must respect: adapting to the culture and environment of the country that we visit. In some countries, this means including a woman should make more efforts to adapt, pay attention to hours of nightlife in its clothing. Again, this is a matter of common sense to arrive in a short skirt and stilettos will not enter Iran. In Sri Lanka, women rarely go out alone at night. In Jordan, also avoids having bare shoulders. Just like micro-shorts denim in the Old City of Jerusalem. Your best indicator? “Other travelers and local women. They are best placed to advise against this or that neighborhood.

Sharpen your resourcefulness

You embark on a holiday of a different kind. No more GPS Gildas nor multilingual Stephanie at hand. But what a great adventure on her own! “We are constantly connected to yourself. We must make choices, weigh the pros and cons of a situation, be alert in some circumstances. “Is what I am trying to make me rip?Is what I am in the right direction? What the driver trying to tell me? Says Aude, which itself is benefiting in this way to travel. For me, the journey is much more than the holiday. This is to excel, find his rhythm.

If the experiment may seem tedious, it will give you the opportunity to feel grow wings. “It becomes a Superwoman, I can not say otherwise. I see that the solitary travelers are focused on themselves, listening to them. They feed a thousand experiences that belong to them. During their journey, they are surprised to see everything they are able to accomplish. “Aude, she has mostly come to realize that” the world is much less frightening than what we are suggesting. “

Tame loneliness

” All alone? “While you sip your Cuban mojito staring into the void, the phrase your mother resounds repeatedly. Why did you leave at the end of the world to live a selfish little experience, without sharing anything, so everything has less relief when your friends are not on your side? Sip a little longer. After the first few days, you will discover and enjoy the solitude that allows you to experience things for yourself. “It tames this solitude and a friend were in fact”, says Aude, who learned to love eating alone, read in tranquility, watch the passersby, allowing to be more permeable meetings.

“Loneliness is only temporary. If you want to meet people, you can. “Prime vector sociability housing. In the hostel in CouchSurfing, on Airbnb … opportunities to meet people await you. “The hosts are eager to know the travelers and help. This is a great way to discover a city of the interior, with an authentic perspective. Airbnb also organizes meetings between users. If you can, read the free newspapers with the list of small theater performances, concerts, exhibitions and Spanish courses ads, dance, food … “

 Learn to say “no”

You can not anticipate what might happen to you. Who will tell you that this beautiful Australian is trustworthy to visit the night market in Bangkok? No one. “We can not trust 100% to unknown. It’s the same everywhere.Some speak of the reptilian brain, others instinctively. The trip solo forces us to listen to that little voice in our head that tells us not to take this street, staying home as night, etc. “You can not avoid all risks, but you still have options. He entered a shop ask for help, screaming in the street or to join another group of people if you feel insecure. You have the right to say “no” to lie on the grounds already have an evening or be already married. When traveling alone, make your way, no one will blame you

Traveling very light

You know that you can not serve you in the trunk of your friend Geraldine this year. You plan to take all your dressing to seduce handsome strangers. Error ! Go light! Two T-shirts with short sleeves, two long-sleeved underwear for a week. Better to spend a few rooms to laundry at the hotel that breaking your back with 15 kilos of luggage for two weeks. “Take the clothes that you hold the least because, believe me, you will buy it.And you will not want to buy the second bag, or choose between the pretty Thai tunic and your favorite T-shirt, donated by a friend. “Take clothes about to fall by the wayside”

you also take a moisturizer, mascara, pencil, lipstick and nail polish two and the best backpacking stove for your cooking. “Most of the time I do not even use them. You will be less demanding than home and vacation give naturally good looks. The tour pace makes the most athletic body and pushes for a return of the natural. “

Stay connected

WiFi works almost everywhere: do not zap practical applications. Aude particularly recommends iGoogle, which includes Google Maps, Google Translate, a currency converter and weather forecasts.

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The five most original marriage proposals

In aircraft, before attacking a steep descent on a roller coaster or through a child: all means are good to turn a “simple” marriage proposal into a magical moment. Some examples for those who are stuck for inspiration.

The marriage proposal is a moment as important as the ceremony itself. It marks the commitment of the couple. Often imagined, it is sometimes worthy of a true movie script. Here is a small selection of original applications.

In the air

Ryan Thompson is a pilot. It is in a small two-seater he decided to ask his girlfriend to marry Carlie. So it simulates a technical problem, Ryan asks Carlie to read the instructions that the emergency procedure is explained. During his reading, the young woman realizes that he is a much happier proposition.

On a roller coaster

As they prepare to dive for a dizzying descent into a riding sensation, Austin brings his request subtly reminding his future wife that she had once compared life and its vagaries roller coaster with its ups, downs, turns her … “I wanted to know if you wanted to be my partner rollercoaster. Alli, will you marry me?

The picnic with family

During a family outing, the father asked his son 5 years to give a gift to his girlfriend. The son, in confidence, expected that the young woman had opened the package and found the ring and asked, “Do you want to marry my daddy?

The method Love Actually

Timothy had the idea to ask the hand of his girlfriend Audrey, using panels and memes, these photos with funny short sentences and found all over the Internet. At the table in a restaurant with his friends in Kuala Lumpur, Audrey reads the panels through the glass of the brewery …

In an aquarium

Dave asked divers National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, UK, to help make it more romantic request. In the full presentation of the aquarium, the guide asks his girlfriend Nicola to come before the crowd and turn your back to the aquarium. She is joined moments later by her boyfriend. Two divers appear with a banner on which is written: “Nicola, will you marry me?

And You? How do you think your best marriage proposal? Share it with me and our reader^^


Nine sports and activities to do outdoors


With the arrival of summer, it’s time to leave the gym and go romp outdoors! Yoga, slackline, Swedish gym training or urban, there’s something for everyone! What activities practicing outdoors to enjoy the weather? Here are some tips.

The “slackline” for aspiring acrobats


Slacklining practiced a decade ago by Californian surfers in search of waves, the activity is to walk like a tightrope walker on a slightly elastic webbing stretched between two fixed points located between 40 and 60 cm from the ground. If professionals tend webbing between their two buildings, we begin by engaging in this activity in a park or in the woods!

Work is what? Its balance, of course, but also its deep muscles. Ensure not to fall requires gainer his body and his muscles abdominals. It also sharpens its flexibility and self-control.By fixing a point on the horizon is taken to stay balanced. We do not give up and start again each mini-fall.
We advise you: to have more than one hour before you to succeed at least once to stand. To have more than one hour that can help you climb the strap.

The Swedish gym for fans of rhythm


The concept? It connects simple movements to music. So, we will vigorously expense but without getting hurt. The exercises are designed by physiotherapists and osteopaths. The activity is open to all: your pregnant friend to you, the last exercise classes back in college, or your children, who need to vent other than on the living room couch. From mid-May, several outdoor courses will be organized throughout France.

Work is what? The cardio and muscle building. We also revise our music classics for weddings this summer.
We advise you: do not take the activity at face value and not to bring a best of ABBA.

The ultimate frisbee years to relive your


Your last session frisbee back in high school? Bookez a sunny Sunday with your friends and find yourself in a park. No, the game is not practiced in summer on a beach of Cap Ferret. Choose a large lawn and form a team of seven players.

Work is what? Cardio. Multiplying sprints to go retrieve the frisbee, the method is used “split”. And who says fractionated said intensity, which helps burn more fatter. Responsiveness is tested and ensures good laughs among friends.
We advise you: to love running. A Frisbee flies up and away.

The “urban training” for street warriors

Aside from running sneakers, sports privateer, and a breathable t-shirt, you do not need anything! It’s simple, with the urban training, one uses all one crosses the street. Program: mounted knees in the escalators, pumps on park benches, lampposts and slaloms between. It changes the monotonous running in the neighborhood of the park and it’s cheaper than a room in subscription! Most large cities offer sessions organized either by the municipality or by a sports club. You can practice alone, with a minimum heating of a quarter hour to avoid injury.

Work is what? Cardio, strength training, and sheathing.
We advise you: keep your eyes wide open. You’re never safe from a misplaced post …

Nordic walking for hikers


The activity comes from Finland in the 1930s, cross-country skiers continued to train in summer walking with sticks. Close to hiking, Nordic walking is more dynamic. With two sticks, it propels the body forward to walk faster and longer.Emptying his mind, we take a breath of fresh air and (re) discover the landscapes that surround us.

Work is what? By alternating climbs and descents, working endurance and activates his cardio. The upper body is also asked: abdominals, pectorals, shoulders and neck. But as the glutes, thighs and calves.
We advise you: to master the art of pole plant.

Badminton for nerve


Your last bad game ‘certainly goes back to your sports or college courses in high school. Enjoy the weather to get you back to a sport more fun. What better way for a sunny weekend than go out rackets and shuttlecocks with his friend (s)?

Work is what? Responsiveness to return the steering wheel to the opponent, abs and shoulders.
We advise you: to concentrate on the steering wheel to avoid the risk of miss it. And ridicule you.

Yoga for connection with Nature


No more sweating on four walls! Treat yourself to an outdoor sitting to enjoy the surrounding noises, sunny mornings and cool grass under your feet. Guaranteed soothing effect.

Work is what? The flexibility, balance, joints, and management of daily stress.
We advise you: be careful where you place your floor mats.

Tai chi for stressed


Tai chi, often practiced outdoors, makes us aware of his body and relax.

Derived from Chinese martial arts, tai chi offers a set of continuous slow movements executed with precision and in a predetermined order. Often practiced in the forest or in parks, tai chi sometimes closer to dance and makes us aware of his body and relax.

Work is what? The flexibility, stress management.
We advise you: to get away from your neighbor to avoid the blows.

Skating for speed dating


The day was difficult. Outside, the sun continues to shine and makes you the eye. Strap on your skates and go roam the streets in groups! Nothing like a little speed and free air to blow after a tiring day or just to enjoy the weather. Some large cities of France offer group courses: the streets are closed to traffic leaving the field open to rollerbladers crazy.

Work is what? The thighs, glutes and our sense of direction.
We advise you: to have a minimum balance to avoid to drop each of your partners in domino fashion.

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Kayking for your healthy


Kayaking and fishing (read more about best fishing kayak here) can improve your aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. The health benefits of kayaking include:

Stress Reduction 

Kayaking can help reduce stress levels, giving you the opportunity to get outdoors, experience nature and fresh air. Spending your few hours under blue sky, on calm water and try to breath the fresh air, or thrilling adventure with whitewater kayaking are enjoyable.

Weight loss 

Kayaking can burn up to 400 calories per hour or more, depending on how fast you paddle. Add this exercise to a diet and well-balanced weight loss is sure to follow.

Build muscle strength 

Your arms, chest, abdominal muscles, and shoulders will stay with the kayak strength training.

Flexibility gain 

Kayak involves flexibility of the body. Your muscles will gain from aerobic exercise kayaking offers and remain flexible.


Although kayaking is often considered an individual sport, many choose to kayak with friends and family as it offers great opportunities for socializing in a relaxed atmosphere.

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